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Who are We?

Who are We?

Who are we? 

Are we mere mortals or God in the flesh?

The question arises as we assume responsibilities. 

Our families,communities, and future self increasingly depend us.

Will you answer the call?

Will you be like Atlas, and hold the world on your shoulders?

God does that too.

But for you to be like God.

You must master yourself.

Craft the body, spirit, and mind into lethal weapons.

Wield Arthur’s Sword in Defense of your people.

Embody the attributes of a deity.



It is confounding.

Its biochemistry is sparsely understood.

In weakness, the body is a prison.

In Strength, it provides ecstasy.

In both states, biochemical composition is a prominent factor.

We know little about the body, but know enough to be mighty and righteous like Hercules.

And to be tyrannical dictators like Genghis Khan

or incarnations of God himself as Christ figures. 

Guided by Professor Ligma, Last Ark seeks the keys to Olympian physiques and transcendent states.

Observe our research for entertainment. Participate for wisdom.


The ethereal consciousness.

The Astral navigation device.

Knowledge of its capabilities is occult.

So we shall explore the occult. 

However, proceed with caution.

Because, as there are snake oil salesmen of the flesh, so are there ones for the Soul.

There are many who would sacrifice their lives or yours to protect these secrets.

So reserve room for a grain of salt as Last Arc investigates the other side.




That is the only word which even begins to describe how incredible the mind is.

Extending from our brains, this calculating, perceiving, frequency emitting, information absorbing, derivative deriving, organic computer connects our body to our souls.

We calculate and we meditate.

We envision and we manifest.

Knowledge of mastery of mind is crucial because all other knowledge follows it.

Last Ark engages the mind and pushes it to its limits.

Observe for entertainment.

Participate for wisdom. 





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-Proffesor Ligma. 

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